Monday, September 1, 2008

Mediocre Photo Dump

These are a few pictures from this past summer. No giant trips or epics, but some great backyard biking, warm rocks, cold surf, and steamy days in the south east.


Amy psyched about the two pitch 5.6-5.9+, the second was a scary lead.

Crags at sunset.

Icicle Creek, fast, cold, and full.


Smoky Mountains.


Empty trail, Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Falls at Dupont State Forest.

Me, Nantahala, typical river level fog.

Shredding Hard Core!

Maeve floating on the Nanny.

(Shouldn't she have a helmet?)

Helmet-less rafters, hot summer day. Cold lazy river.

Nantahala "Falls". I first ran this in the spring of '97 (?)

Me running the "Falls" ten years later, still making it look hard.

Maeve making it look easy. She got typewritered across the hole, paddled out to big cheers from shore.

Casualty on the Nanny.


Big group of B'hamster locals Eric, Joanna, Andy, on Galbraith, Sean's (not pictured) going away ride.

Amy, second time out, shell-shocked after dropping into SST.

Amy, glad to be done.

Joanna, out of the woods.

Me, sticking the log roll. Fell off the first time.

Me, falling off the ladder bridge, Cedar Dust.

Me, second attempt at stunt on Evolution. Fell off the first time.

Me, same thing. Think I broke me ribs on the first attempt.

Mo and BoBo, looking over B'ham Bay from Ridge Trail.

Lunch at the summit, halfway through a 5 hour ride.

Mo, Cedar Dust ladder bridges.

Mo, big ladder bridge on bigger down tree, Evolution.

Mo, coming down Miranda at dusk.

Bo, sticking the entrance trick on Cheech and Chong's Wild Ride.

Bo, dropping a big stump on Evolution.

Bo, an even bigger drop on Evolution.

Bo, flying off the ladder bridge on Evolution.

Bo, Cedar Dust.

Bo, bike, Baker.

Da Baker.


This is pretty self explanatory.

Dropping in.

Having failed.

Amy, seriously shredding.

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