Monday, July 23, 2007

Some stuff

Some photos from recent boating on the Cascade River at 1300-1500 cfs, 1 1/4 screens showing, good fun.

And some aftermath from the rain on snow we had yesterday...

Jon Dufay, Premium on Cascade

Brad X, Premium

Brad X, swallowed by Premium

Middle Fork Nooksack Canyon, ~1600 cfs ?

Middle Fork Nooksack, it looks scary because it is.

Starts right out of the box...put-in eddie upper right... Middle Fork Canyon.

Bench Drop on the North Fork Nooksack, flattened out.

Second drop after Bench...

Entrance to SAT, NF Nooksack

Good play spot above the bridge, NF Nooksack, at 3500 cfs?


Washington Wilderness Coalition said...

Hi there,

Would it be okay to use your rad photo of kayaking the Cascade for a brochure for that my non-profit is creating? Here's the photo:


If so, could you send me a high res photo and your name for us to be sure to add "© Your Name" with the photo?

Thanks so much and if possible the sooner the better as we're on a tight schedule. Cheers.

Michael Lanthier

Conservation Assistant
Washington Wilderness Coalition
305 N 83rd St Seattle, WA 98103

Monk said...

Sorry I never got back to you. I have not been particularly active on this site. If you are still interested, a year later, let me know and I'll keep my eyes open.