Thursday, April 12, 2007

Kayak, it's a palindrome

Lots of stuff going on and not enough free time to waste writing.

Big Events:

Hotel Charley 2 Screening, along with Ashlu vids, 6pm, Broadway Hall, Bellingham, April 16th.

Trifecta for Brent on the 21st.

Also, a first (?) descent (?) of sorts on Swift Creek, Baker Lake area. 8 hours in the woods, but only two spent paddling...the rest spent portaging a big ol' gorge.

I'll get a write up posted soon...

The bottom of the gorge on a previous scouting mission.

A great view of one of the last rapids.

One of the only drops we ran in the gorge. Me about to mess up on the easy stuff. Video still from Chris Tretwold.

One of the mandatory portages. Waterfall under the logs is about 35' tall. Video still from Chris Tretwold.

One of Whatcom County's best looking waterfalls, still unrun (?), and the start of the big portage... Video still from Chris Tretwold.