Thursday, August 2, 2007

Skunked in BC

Same story as below, thought I'd add these two shots from Devin of me on Rutherford Creek. Turns out there used to be a clean 20 foot waterfall somewhere on Rutherford Creek...We never saw it...anyone know when it disappeared?

Me on ledges two and three in the big triple drop...

Went to BC with Chris, Hilary and Devin, with the knowledge that the rivers were still high. Got skunked on Rogers, Ryan, Birkenhead, Snowcap, Upper Upper Ashlu... though not for want of trying...and I was too spent to even get on a healthy flow at Callaghan.

We did manage to hop on Rutherford, Upper Cheakamus, Soo, and the Tuwasus/Lillooet.

A good way to spend my first weekend "free" of graduate school. Here are a few pictures...

Chris taking a look at Rutherford Creek, medium low flows?

Devin on Rutherford.

Big nasty falls.

Devin in the canyon below the falls.

Chris in the first drop in the big Triple Drop.

Chris coming out the bottom.

Devin in the canyon below the falls.

Hilary, the lake, and the mountains in the Lillooet zone.

Scrabble while waiting for the road to open.

Lillooet "lake" looking a lot like a river.

Camping at Saint Agnes Hot Springs and the take out on the Lillooet, Class III, 400 cms.

Chris discussing the finer points of hot wiring Devin's truck, after Devin left the keys an hour up the road.

All the important bits.

Hilary on the best boof on the Tuwasus, and maybe the whole trip, continuous class III-IV, 3 km into the Lillooet.

...and some different cropping options.

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Eric said...

Just enough water for some good photos! Nice pics, Owen!