Thursday, September 27, 2007

More Cascade Potential

Some photos from a little canyon I've had my eye on.
Last time I dragged folks into some canyon we ended up portaging for five hours.
Thought I'd better walk this one out if I'm ever going to get anyone to paddle this...not sure if it would be worth it, who knows what it will look like with water...except for that sweet 30 footer...I call 1st D dibs.

The start of the really steep stuff.

Photo from the same spot as above, looking downstream. Drops 10-15 feet into the pothole, undercut on the right...

Big landslide a hundred yards downstream.

Can you say perfect 30 footer? Clean lead in, tight landing. A rock ledge sticks into the river right side of the landing zone at these flows. Higher flows might pad things out and help push you away from the wall at the bottom.

Funky 10 foot ledge just downstream of the 30 footer.

Typical intermediate rapids.

Another funky slide/drop into a pothole.

Funky log-choked drop. The 15 foot drop falls over another stump, creating a nasty cave behind the curtain, and a sieve above that I nearly fell into...

Top of a funky bedrock island. Bottom goes on the right, top goes on the left.

Bottom of the island.

Lead in to the super scary 30+ footer.

Part of the lead in...

Top of a technical and marginal (unrunable?) drp.

Top half of the 30+ footer. Landing is good, if you don't bounce off the rock walls on the way down.

Last drop, ~10 feet, as you leave the canyon and enter the gravel bars.

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