Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Medical Leave

Due to a shoulder dislocation on beloved Clearwater Creek, I will not be writing about first hand, paddle to water, boating experiences for a while.

Thanks to Ryan for bagging me off of that mid-stream boulder while my right arm dangled limply into the creek. And for driving me to the hospital so they could put it back in...And for dealing with my screaming. Also, thanks to Jamie for dragging my boat out of the woods later that week. And John, though I was totally hopped up on morphine I appreciated you stopping by the hospital as well. And Amy for dealing with a one-armed-me for a few weeks.

Boaters are good people. Solid partners are worth their weight in gold. Maybe someday I'll be one again.

I'll update the blog with my physical therapy progress...

I guess I'm not as bad off as this guy.

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