Sunday, April 27, 2008

Robe Race oh eight

Here are a few pictures from the first annual unofficial Robe Race this past weekend. It was a great day, with a big turnout, brilliant sun, and low carnage factor. Thanks to Todd Gillman of The Range Life for hosting and organizing. All photos by Amy Keeling, compressed and poorly white balanced by myself. We will be passing these and many other originals on to Todd. If you see any misinformation or unnamed boaters that you recognise, let me know.

Hale in T1, first rapid below start line. Safety crew.

Hale Hanaway, T2, safety boater.

Devin Smith, T2 glory boof, safety.

The man himself, racer, race organizer, and beer provider Todd Gillman.

Shane Robinson. Part of 3rd place duo.

Ryan, right side.

Ryan and Chris. Second place duo.

Matt, mediocre racer.

Unknown racer.

Unknown racer.

Unknown racer.

Unknown racer.

Unknown racer.

Unknown racer.

Jon Dufay, racer.

Brad X., racer.

Jon and Brad.

Andrew Oberhardt, racer.

Unknown racers.

Unknown racer

Eric Schertzl, sneaking through the right line.

Bryan Smith, racer.

Bryan and Schertzl, racers.

Hilary Neevel, safety crew.

Jenni Pelc, safety crew.

Travis Lee, safety boater.

Lone boater coming into the take out.

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