Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Spring Training

Winter lab work in AZ has seriously increased my paddling handicap, due to

A) long hours spent at the microscope looking at very small rocks,

(Apatite grain, 2/10 of a mm long.)

and B) a profound lack of navigable waters...

However, with the gut of my thesis now well underway, it is nearly time to cast my thoughts towards the waters of the Northwest, were I will *soon* be back in action, standing vigilante on the shores with throwbag in hand, watching while friends with bigger guns lay it on some unsuspected creeks.

-Chris Tretwold getting fired up in BC.

In premature anticipation of said adventures, I've added a link to TRIP REPORTS where we will document all of the drops that we scout and walk.

Parting thoughts:

Why doesn't Toyota sell a hybrid biodiesel HiLux in the US?

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