Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Los Rios de Costa Rica

Here are some additional paddling photos, taken from Amy's lens (for a much larger selection, check out her site here).

The put-in on Rio Toro (Recreo Verde hot springs
near La Virgen) on New Year's Day. Note the
on-lookers behind the gate.

Ethan and Owen on Rio Toro. A gorgeous canyon.

Near the "put-out" as Amy called it,
next to the pig farm by the bridge on Rio Toro.

Ashley, waiting with Amy on the bridge in the pouring rain.

Ethan and Owen escaping the odor
(and other byproducts) of the pig
farm just below the bridge.

Owen gets caught in the fence while
the squeals of hogs echo through the
canyon of Rio Toro.
"They must be having a birthday party," we said through grimaces.

The next day, Cody and Morgan,
paddlers from California and Washington,

came along to run Pozo Azul. Bumpy dirt
roads and slick muddy trails lead to the 30 foot falls.

Note how Owen's booties are covered in mud and sinking further in.

The Falls are scouted...

And then run. (Morgan with her nice line here.)

Ethan, photo by Owen Callahan

The group (from left to right): Ethan, Morgan, Cody, Owen.

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